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10 Expert Advices from Wedding Planner

10 Expert Advises from Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are bestowed with an indispensable clandestine when it comes to add splendor to any wedding place. The way they carry each and every task with professionalism is commendable. 

Check out their top 10 advices-

1. Make a guest list:

It is mandatory to have an idea regarding the approximate number of guests. The thumb rule is to make an arrangement for the place accordingly. There should be 25-30 square feet of the place per guest to accommodate the tables, arrange moving place for the bustling waiters, for the band and the dancing floor. 

wedding planner advices - wedding guest list

2. Check out wedding dates and the room availability:

If some other conference or local event is being organized in the same hotel that you are booking, you might fall short for the living space. So, be careful. 

wedding planner advices- wedding ideas

3. Budget is important:

Wedding always demands lot of unexpected money and hence you should be ready with your credit cards and reward programs. 

wedding planner advices- wedding budget ideas

4. Ask for references for catering, florists, band etc:

Make a proper enquiry and check who will fit best in your budget. 

5. Fix the meal:

It is another unforeseen high expense. Enquire, if you are expected to feed the vendors with the same meal plan. If this is the case, you might bear additional twenty lobster tails per vendor. 

6. Arrange email and correspondence address beforehand:

It includes the phone numbers of the vendors and the guests. Search the phone numbers through magazines and other areas. 

7. Be ready for extra money spent:

If you are expecting $ 100 per guest. Be ready to pay $ 102- $104 instead. 

8. Clear your doubts beforehand:

Do not hesitate to ask for the planning process. Explore as much as you can. 

wedding planner advices- wedding planning ideas

9. Driving directions for the guests:

Inform the guests about traffic prone areas with maps.  

10. Kids in the marriage:

If you are not inviting kids in the marriage, arrange child care service for them so that they can stay at the day care in the reception area. 

wedding planner advices- kids in the marriage

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