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20 Gorgeous Makeup Tips for Your Wedding

20 Gorgeous Makeup Tips for Your Wedding
Makeup is the lifeline of any wedding party. The correct type of makeup can uplift or downgrade your beauty to an elevated extent.
Wedding Make Up tips - Wedding Ideas

Following 20 Gorgeous Makeup Tips can add lifeline. Check them out-

1. Spray Tan:

No matter whatever is your color tone? Golden, silver or any other type of spray tan can make you live your life to the fullest on the auspicious day by beautifying the complexion.

2. Waterproof Makeup:

Despite of the weather, you should always prefer waterproof makeup to withstand tears especially waterproof mascara.

3. Eyeliner shades: :

Mahogany, charcoal and navy are good for daytime events. Black and brown are recommended for daytime and outdoor wedding events.

4. White Shadow:

Use a highlighter on the brow bone for light skin tones and light peach and vanilla shades for deeper complexions.

5. Give Shape to Your Eyes:

Don’t make it too dense.

6. Define Eyebrows:

Use brow pencil according to your hair color.

7. Use Brands:

They prevent irritation and unwelcome surprises and prevent tiredness.

8. Blush Your Cheeks:

It offers instant facelifts. Use pink for fairer skin tones and rosier hues for darker complexions.

9. For the Monstrous Pimple:

Get cortisone injection after consulting with the dermatologist.

10. Blend

Blend your makeup well; otherwise makeup lines are visible prominently.

11. Bronzing Powder:

Skin tone can be made better after using this

12. No foundation on the Décolletage:

It stains necklines of gown.

13. Moisturizer:

Use SPF 30 for outdoor marriage events.

14. Lip Color:

Use bright shades as pale or nude ones are not visible in the photographs.

15. Keep Some Makeup Items with you:

Lipstick and blusher are must.

16. Teeth Whitener:

Use lip shade based on the yellowness of your teeth.

17. Keep Free Bloating Sheets:

It assists in preventing oil free patches.

18. Use Curling Irons and Hair Dryers for Chair Up-do:

These are an asset of any vanity box.

19. Use Perfume:

It makes you smell fresh and good all the time.

20. Get a Scalp Massage:

It stimulates hair follicles and make them lively.
Bridal Make Up tips - Wedding Ideas

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