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5 Great Ways to Include Pearls in your Bridal Look

Pearls in your Bridal Look

A sizable chunk of jewelry designing across the world be it tribal or traditional, rely greatly on the oldest sources of embellishments like metals, stones or pearls. Never has the importance of pearls been tarnished with the aggressive marketing which diamonds have seen over the last couple of decades, in fact the niche that pearls have created for themselves has never lost its sheen due to the manner in these iridescent beauties have revived its own attributes as not only the most elegant and eclectic of jewelry but also by making its pathways into bridal wear and bridal look.

Here are five fascinating ways to add the sheen of pearls to your very own bridal look

The Classic Choker

Be it the high ruffled collar or the off shoulder gown, in both the looks the pearl choker sits in perfectly. A broad band of tiny grain sized pearls or even sized larger pearls woven into a perfect collar can be the best way to include pearls in the classic way. Collars are obviously heavy and thus need to be teamed with tiny pearl danglers and nothing very heavy. Preferably the smallest of pearl studs would go beautifully with a choker and can help highlight the delicate beauty of your face and neckline.

The Pearly Tiara

For those brides who like the look of tradition much more-look at the pictures of Grace Kelly and you will be inspired. Wear a tiny pearl tiara atop your veil and see the classic drama of pearls send your bridal look notches high on the glam quotient. A simple embellishment of this kind can lend so much drama to your look –it is quite unbelievable.

The great chandelier and bouquet team

There are many who skip the neck piece and go for the grand tiara or they opt for danglers that can lend your face and neck the look of great beauty. It goes perfectly with a high up hair do. Add to it a gorgeous bouquet with a lace and pearl trim. Wear a massive ring with pearls studded all round in a bias style and see your look evolve from the mundane to a marvel!

Heady Pearls!

Well quite literally the head turner when you think of the period look for yourself; go for the vintage look pearl studded headband over your short bob or even with your long tresses to give that wholesome romantic air to your look. It sits in perfectly with bold classic halter gowns as much as with off shoulder dresses.

Pearl Trims

From veils to lace trims for your skirt, pearls can be used in dignifying the look of a simple wedding gown like no other embellishment. A rule of thumb however is to never mix too many different hues with pearls-sensible would be to go with ivories, light glints of silver or a different palette like gold and salmon pink-whatever you choose, never should you go too heavy on pearls as it undermines its inherent delicate nature.

Known for their unrivaled beauty pearls are known to charm you with their luck attracting quality and is perhaps the reason why it was worn by Queen Elizabeth II as well as Jacqueline Kennedy at their weddings. Any takers?

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