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Best Foods for Glowing Skin

Best Foods for Glowing Skin

Bridal Glow Alert-7 Summer Foods to Target

Dehydrated skin exposed to hours of scorching sun, the waves of heat rising, the dust spinning around in little whirlwinds that makes you want to cover your face-the summer is true challenge for all those girls who dream of looking their best on their wedding day- and if that special day is in summer-you will have to work a little harder to get to that target. 

The three things that generally work against getting the best possible glowing skin are-one the lack of moisture that leads to skin getting dry and wrinkly; the overexposure to heat which again steals it off its glow and the huge deposits of melanin build up that again makes your natural fairness of your skin get lost in its understandable urge to protect itself from getting burnt. 

Two solutions are absolutely unquestionable-drinking lots of water and the second is avoiding the sun-but that will merely take away a part of the issue. 

Help has always been around in the form of some of the most natural of food components whose consumption ensures that enviable glow. 

1. Load up on Watermelon

Cold can only be defined with watermelon-this almost 99% water containing fruit is great to get that skin glowing as it not merely helps keep you hydrated but also has the right amount of roughage to keep your digestion from getting sluggish and automatically counter the production of androgens that cause acne break outs resulting from too much stress in the pre-wedding scenario. 

best foods for glowing skin

2. Almonds and Pistachios

Certainly not consumed in the tall glasses of thandai that you will be offered or in the typical sweet preparations but roasted and eaten in moderation-maybe a fistful of these two nuts will ensure that the skin cell rejuvenation that has to be speeded up will be given a philip with its extra dose of alpha hydroxyl acids and its vitamin E components. 

3. Fresh Coconut Water

Aids immediate boost to blood circulation providing not just the rare to find potassium that helps build up better skin resilience to the sun and the searing and drying heat as it has natural electrolytes and is so much better than any other fizzy drink, but also provides skin greater ability to self cleanse and make it more supple. 

best foods for glowing skin coconut water

4. Terrific Tomatoes

Sure to keep you cool, you would be using a great deal of the air conditioners-but while you keep yourself cool it will also dehydrate your skin. To replenish that you should be having unprocessed tomatoes-uncooked and even better if it is in salads that have been freshly cut. Full of lycopene , something that your skin needs to keep itself looking youthful. Also-simply squashing some tomato juice on your face reduces sun related pigmentation and closes enlarged pores!

5. Chase the Chutney

Really! The combination of cilantro or good old fresh coriander and mint chutney, which is freshly made is good skin glow booster and try and have it with all your meals. They are both rich in anti oxidants and the most skin friendly vitamin C. 

best foods for glowing skin

6. Tryst with Citrus

Oranges and lemons help in production of collagen, the skin plumping components that allows the skin to look revived and healthy despite the dehydrating effects of summer. A word of caution though-while cucumbers and tomatoes may still be used directly on the face-do try and avoid direct use as the acid can cause skin sensitivity and redness. 

best foods for glowing skin- Oranges and Lemons

7. Berry right!

Yes-they are loaded with the goodness of anti oxidants but may not be available in the Indian markets that easily all through summers –however most fresh food marts have dark colored grapes and summers could also be the right time to buy loads of jamuns and mulberries. 

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