A Bride’s Last Minute Essential Preparations

The minutes and hours seem to get more and more seamless as the days to the wedding approach nearer. There is more banter, high energy all around and a bit of stress about this and that. All of which somehow rubs off on you, the bride, the reason why this hullaballoo can be forgiven.Keeping you mind clear of the fog of confusion is so very important for you because as time ticks on, like sand through your dainty little fingers, you my lovely shall need to keep calm and composed for it is you who shall have to wear your charm, elegance and dignity through the ceremonies (many ceremonies if we are talking South Asian Weddings!) of the wedding.
bride's last minute preparation
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As the day draws closer you will need to get a bearing on the most important last minute preparations that are essential for any bride and I my lovely, shall lead you through those vital hard to remember but not possible to forgo matters, that can help you sail through your wedding day without a worry or the tiniest line of stress showing on your gorgeous face. So here it goes:
bride's last minute preparation
Make That Appointment
Keeping things in the realm of practicality gets more and more difficult as emotions come sweeping in –a strange mixture of histrionics with aunts, grandmas and neighbors joining in, but in the midst of all of this, do not forget the beauty appointment at your parlor for hands, feet and the bridal makeup including a definite hair spa and facial cleansing as a starter. The eyebrows will need the last minute plucking and for God’s sake go easy on salt as the system tends to bloat under stress and you certainly wouldn’t want any more extra baggage!
bride's last minute prepartion
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Keep Your Make Up Kit Ready!
Despite all your best intentions, you tend to forget what your vanity bag needs to contain while on the way to the venue-here is what you need most importantly-to keep the shine of you need a compact, hair pins and safety pins in plenty, tissues and the lipstick with a matching gloss for touch ups, wet wipes, perfume vials and a comb to keep the wisps at bay.
*Be a Hands Down Winner
Focus on your hands in particular a day before the wedding and scrub and clean them twice remembering to hydrate them with rich emollients like cocoa cream or olive oil.This is a preparation you should have started two months in advance going for a manicure every week, and that would by now have given you smoother hands and cleaner more defined nails.
bride's last minute preparation
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bride's last minute preparation
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Smile away your worries
And for that, my dear, you shall need your pearlies in perfect condition which entails a teeth cleansing atleast two days before the wedding and flossing and brushing twice in a day. Your wedding photographs would capture your joyful moments in great definition and you wouldn’t want your smile to be anything less than perfect.
bride's last minute preparation
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Crown of Glory
Your hair appointment needs to be double checked particularly if it’s fixed with a specialist and that may not be included in the salon bridal preparation. Don’t leave anything to assumptions and get into the details. Also be very careful in getting your color touch ups done well before the date as on the day of the wedding the hair will need to be washed and styled with no time left for coloring.Also, after a hair spa treatment go for some hair mist which consists of essential oils that will add luster to your hair making them more manageable.Place order for fresh flowers if that is what your main adornment on your hair is, and try to make it coordinate with your dress.
bride's last minute preparation
Don’t forget the fringes!
With hands in perfect condition can the feet, elbows and knees be neglected? go for olive oil and lemon scrub and feel the immediate softening. Remember to clean your toenails way before the wedding day so that they regain their luster and are ready for the color you choose to wear that day.
bride's last minute preparation
Prepare the canvas for the perfect facial make up
That can happen if you undergo regular cleansing internally and externally-internally by drinking adequate fluids (but not too much before the wedding day) and externally by getting face cleansing done. This will allow the makeup to blend in better to give a perfect sheer and smooth look.
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Take a quick nap and put cold compress to your eyes-after all you have to face the flashbulbs all evening.

Make sure you get a good night’s rest and let others take on the preparation for you. With this checklist all properly ticked by you, surely you will be the most composed, radiant bride who will look a picture worth a million heart beats!
bride's last minute preparation
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