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First Look on Wedding Day

First Look on Wedding Day

Top 6 Reasons to have a First look on Wedding day.

Here are the top 6 reasons why couple choose to see each other before they walk down the aisle. 

1. To have an intimate an a quiet moment

Your First Look will probably be the only intimate and quiet time that you will have with each other during your wedding day. 

first look wedding

2. To calm nerves and relieve stress

After Months of planning, your big day is here and you want everything to be perfect. It’s normal to be nervous, stress and full of anticipation and emotions. 

first look wedding

3. To add more time for photography

Having photos taken during your First Look will make the most of the time with your photographer and helps alleviate that time crunch to get all the portraits done so you enjoy your cocktail hour. 

first look wedding

4. For Amazing and heart-warming wedding photo

First Looks allow you and your fiancé to comfortably express your emotions without all your guests watching you. This is a great opportunity for our photographer to get amazing, heart-warming photos 

first look wedding

5. To keep your composure while walking down the aisle

Walking down the aisle can be very overwhelming for a bride, all eyes are on her and emotions are running high. Seeing your fiancé before the ceremony can help you from feeling too overwhelmed, and allows you to release any intense sobbing before the ceremony. 

first look wedding

6. To take your groom’s breathe away twice

In fact, you get to take his breathe away twice: during your First Look AND as you walk down the aisle when it registers that in a few minutes his stunning bride and the love of his life will be his wife. 

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