Hallowed Ever After: 5 Chic Ideas for Halloween Weddings

Autumn weddings bring elements of wonder and whimsy, a freedom to push the boundaries that we just don’t see in any other season of the year. If you are a bride who loves Halloween you can find chic, eclectic ways to bring in a hallowed theme to your special day – without having it be Halloween overkill.

Black and white pumpkins

Martha Stewart is a big fan of black and white pumpkins and often features them in her monthly magazine. All you need to make these primp-ish pumpkins is a splash of paint. They are instantly chic, adding an element of Halloween without having it overtake the entire décor.

Evening Ambiance

Autumn is the perfect time for nighttime ceremonies. Not too cold and not too warm. Imagine it – tea candles light the way up vintage steps that creak in one spot. They lead to an old Victorian mansion where you will say “I do.”Eerie but still beautiful.


There is something about a candelabra that gives off an air of elegance, sophistication and that feeling that you aren’t alone. Add them to your centerpieces for a hint of haunted mansion atmosphere.

A Splash of Fun

A quirky, colorful shoe is super easy to pull off around Halloween. It’s such a whimsical holiday, after all. If you want to incorporate Halloween into your wedding but in a subtle way, go for a fun orange or black shoe – or something a little more out there if you are daring.

Lil’ Pumpkins

Say hello to instant cuteness. Your flower girl will look darling tossing candy from a pumpkin pail instead of petals. Your ring bearer will cast a spell on them carrying your rings in a mini carved pumpkin.

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