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How to Plan Your Wedding without Going Nuts?

How to Plan Your Wedding without Going Nuts

The euphoria of a newly engaged makes them scream when they want to start their wedding preparations. 

Top 10 plans for wedding without cracking nuts - wedding ideas

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How to Plan the Ceremony without Going Nuts?

Remember, planning process is highly colorful and enjoyable way to enjoy and yields best results once you engross yourself completely in it. 

1. Enjoy the journey: Do not make it a race. Stay organized and go for a timely start.

2. Seeking everybody’s suggestion will create a flood gate: The advices will be countless and you will find them conflicting. Think for most reliable bridesmaids and delegate your load on them.

3. Select the venue with the expert’s advice: They will share their lessons and prevent you from most common mistakes that brides do. Implement their fabulous and priceless ideas.

4. Prioritize your vendor list: Do not be emotionally driven away and book all your florists, DJ, photographers, caterers etc in one go. But create an inspiration board and select your vendors month after month. It will allow flawless execution.

5. Wedding gown: Keep surfing the web and scan all the magazines to discover your own style. Try them at various places and check out when your heart pumps maximum. It is an indication of the best one.

6. Select the hotels: Consider hotels at beach view, suburban areas and shopping malls considering your budget.

7. Create the date cards online: It can be in the form of an email version or a hard copy type in a personal or a fun filled format with a wedding tone.

8. Involve your other half in the planning process: Discuss your needs and wants with them. Do not dominate your plans but come to a common decision creating an amazing collaboration.

9. Keep an eye on important aspects and do not get driven away: You have just begun the real part of your journey. Hence stay on track.

10. Set a budget: Be true to yourself. Be open to different options without compromising on quality.

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