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Last Minute Hair Care Tips For Brides

Last Minute Hair Care Tips For Brides

Hair Secrets for Divine Looking Hair

The crisp taffeta silk rustled as she set foot on the carpeted aisle, her dainty little feet nestled in cream colored classic pumps, a little silver butterfly on it making the effect all the more ethereal. Pan to the bride’s face an you could find little fault with her light- as-the- breeze makeup and then you take in the expected luster on her lips and eyes to match her hair-God Almighty-this is where you come to a dead halt! In place of lustrous locks softly bouncing to the rhythm of her steps, what you see are some rather stiff and unbecoming over-conditioned hair; the deep shine missing from the strands which in fact could have made the bride look the picture of perfection.


So is there any last minute fix to make your tresses gain the needed body, bounce and gloss? Anything that could tame and sober their wanton need to play spoiler to your neat coiffure looks. Yes, my dears there sure are. Now if you have been lazy or simply concentrating far too much on your face and below, giving your hair amiss altogether, here are some last minute salvation tips that is imperative to complete your looks.

Firstly a day before the wedding, simply skip the extra shampooing or conditioning, instead go for hair spa which adds the needed softness, bounce and manageability to the hair, leaving it more clean and free of conditioning residue. You wouldn’t want your hair to have this pasty look that is unnatural and too glossy like gel. It is always the natural beauty that the bride shows off which is most appreciated-then why question or contradict it?

Try not to shampoo a day before the wedding as the wisps and frizz is more pronouncedsoon after a wash.Try not using untreated water as that contains far too many chemicals and give your hair a roughfeel. Also getting atrim a week before is far better than a day before to eliminate all those rough ends that are a bane for all who have hurried hair cut.

So while these may have been the don’ts what about the do’s, you might ask. Well my lovelies, the best way to jump start your haloed diva look is to go for a deep oil therapy and massage two days before the wedding to allow the setting in the natural glow of your hair. The softness is unbelievable and there are no chemicals that can erode your hair colour. 

Ultimately like skin the pores of your scalp needs to breathe too, so no heavy conditioners on the scalp at all and make sure that three to four days before the wedding  you begin brushing your hair by dropping forward your tresses and working it from the base to the front of the hairline. This ensures complete aeration of the scalp. Do make sure that the brush has soft bristles and does not tangle. We don’t want any hair breakage in the process.

Any hair streaking, highlighting or coloring may be completed a good ten days in advance to hide all roots after which it should be natural care and nothing synthetic. Keep your hair under a scarf if you have to go outdoors.

Surely you are going to be left with some or the other form of confusion with your hairdo; but hey, who would know of the wrong ones? So go on and try out a few before your wedding day and be completely sure of the look matching your outfit. Also as the day wears down all your makeup, the saving grace will be your perfect hair and to keep flyaways and frizz at bay use a hair wax available in most stores to fix the stubborn wisps that stop you from looking fresh and under control.

A common complaint most brides have is of having a horrible headache just an hour before the wedding and trust me, it has little to do with anxiety and more to do with the updos tried out with your hair. So spare yourself the agony and concentrate on natural levels of hairdo and not beehive bouffant. Let the beauty of your well groomed and healthy glossy hair be your crowning glory.

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