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Natural Look Make Up Tricks for Brides

Natural Look Make Up Tricks for Brides

From the most famous celebrity wedding to the girl next door, the idea of a natural look make up is as hot selling an idea as it can ever get this summer wedding season. More brides have turned to this bare-faced look aligning their facial structure and skin texture so perfectly with the makeup they use that the look is stunningly beautiful. The trick basically lies in assessing your best features and subtly downplaying the ones that are not. The trick is also in knowing that nothing-be it the eyes, the lips or the blusher can be overused, instead blend in with perfection to show off just a purely divine and innocent dewy fresh look.

So is this the work of some magic wand bearing great makeup artist or can you also aspire to be the most natural beautiful bride on your wedding day-the great news is darlings with a bit of attention to the details and some preparations you can get the same look.

Now do remember one hugely important factor-less is more yet if it’s too less or too much the entire look could be a disaster- a faded look in all photographs or ones with too much makeup can upset your apple cart.

Getting the natural look would also need you to consider the lighting and the location of the wedding. Dim interiors that do not reflect light well will not be suitable for very light makeup, and the outdoors will not be suitable for over-highlighted looks. Here are the rudimentary tips to get going:

Makeup base is a must but not a primer. The look to think of is not the pancake perfect look but more the kind that will allow your skin’s natural glow to peep through. So use light layers of foundation which is darker than your skin tone. Put two or three very light layers and blend on and on till it merges into your skin.

The blush must be in the most muted of rose or peach. Again layers of the same will help you get the fresh-faced look. Alternative use a cream cheek color and then dust the lightest of powder blush in muted rose and see the magic of the color bloom!

The eyes play an important role in giving you the dewy fresh-faced look. Their shape and structure are important so, do not forget to use a concealer to blur out any shadows from under the eye which will immediately give the needed lift to this feature. To create the sense of contours on the lid, use a shimmery cream color and then add taupe or rose to give some definition to the brow bone. Add on the eyeliner under the lashes line and above. Completely do away with any colors on the eyelid but for the shimmer you have added. Avoid too heavy a mascara but be sure to use a waterproof one. (Weddings do get emotional)

The lips can never be forgotten as in face so devoid of overdramatic colors palette, so they automatically come into focus. Use pinks and peaches that are a shade darker than you lips. Better still use some kind of shimmery shade.

Shimmer powder on your face adds the final coat of finish and allows the skin’s natural color to shine through. Going with a natural make up look, through a day as long as your wedding day, means that you will need to have this basic make up at least, and touch up with a coat of shimmer and gloss as and when needed.


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