Picture Perfect-Making Wedding photography Work for You

Picture Perfect-Making Wedding photography Work for You

One of the biggest gripes you would feel after the wedding, adding much to the ‘after wedding blues’ could be wedding photographs not quite the way you’d want them to be. Your wedding video or photograph album may not turn out to be as you would have desired it to be, the kind you were swooning over when you saw the brides looking gorgeously perfect in every single shot. And how you too must have dreamt of having yourself clicked the same way. Well don’t let these dreams stay dreams, my princess! Prioritize wedding photography as an important aspect your wedding plan considering that you will in all likelihood be paying a bomb for getting it done professionally.

So here’s your action plan to capture your best wedding moments for posterity

Decide On the Photographer Well in Advance

Why this is important is because you should be having a few sessions discussing the entire wedding program with the professional covering the event which includes the time, the venue and the mood-candid or posed or the mix of both, needs to be discussed threadbare. Remember too that each frame wasted would cost you time and money. 

Too Stage-managed? Don’t fret!

Well to be completely honest, the so called candid shot in which each member of the family looks so well in tune with the photograph-no looking awry, no weird posturing and no one looking disinterested is frankly not natural! What it means is that for the perfect candid photographs you need to involve the members of the family telling them the place and the time you’ll be getting a few shots done and see how well you can make it quirky and candid at the same time without sacrificing naturalness. 

Who should be framed?

Well some weddings have as many as 500 guests –so you need to be prioritizing with the photographer how to get them all in certain wider shots and yet not take the focus away from the bride and the groom-ultimately it is not the congregation you’ll be interested in buy years later rather you would want to show off how well your wedding tiara sat on your crown or how small your waist looked!

Go Through the Wedding Time Line

Yes, sounds highly prosaic but if you want all the important moments captured go through each detail, showing the location and the lighting as well as the time it will happen so that the photographer would know if the backdrop can be used to create the best effect, whether natural light will be enough and all of that. Your wedding album should in fact bring the entire sequence of events come alive each time you turn its pages. 

Getting the Flavor Right

It is of great importance that you capture the pre -wedding ‘getting ready moment’ to add to the album’s candidness-the details of the wedding gown, the bride’s hair being done up, the bridesmaids in the dressing room and the tiniest details of the preparations hold the essence of what the event really was all about. The actual ceremony seems to gain more meaning once you have these behind-the scene shots. It also becomes the opportunity for the photographer to set his angles, profiles, and he somewhat gets to know which are the best ways to shoot the bride. 

Be Natural and Smile

There can never be anything more beautiful than the smile that brings out the radiance on the bride’s face. And the manner in which the photographer can make it happen with just the right words he can utter is quite a plus. I’ve known many photographers who have triggered a giggle or a laugh giving us some of the most memorable family pictures ever. The moments of joy surpass all that you can ever capture with your camera. 

You can never quite have enough when it comes to your wedding photographs and you will keep searching for that rather elusive picture in which you look your best. So to ensure that this search is not as desperate, do pose for some photographs however ’nerdy’ you may assume this idea to be. The very loud and ‘over the top pictures’ will also be there in the wedding album but the dazzle of beautiful portrait is never lost in the milieu of the ordinary.

Experiment with the finish or the styles-go for period finish in black and white and do ask for special effects, but remember you can only look your best if the photographer is able to understand your postures, your profiles and the facial contours a little better-so give him time darling, and help him create a masterpiece of a wedding album! 


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