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Sweating for the Wedding

Sweating for the Wedding

Fitness Fix for Effective Body Toning Right before the Wedding

A wobble , a jiggle and  the feeling that your skin is getting a ‘drape like’ feel should be warning enough that your eating indulgences are not the only thing you need to be worried about-but it’s also your  ineffective exercise routine. Like your body, which if I may add, is a rather strange task master, that likes variety-so be it food or exercise-it needs variations to keep your metabolism at a high. But above all consistency in maintaining  an exercise schedule, building in more time to exercise, and keeping it as your top most priority apart from de- stressing once a day by simply smiling and laughing a lot, will be essentially necessary to get you looking your best on your wedding day.

Here are my top 5 ways to get to your body beautiful. 

1. It’s got to be Cardio

And how is that so effective is a mystery to many who have put in great deal of research into it but what you need to know is that you only have to incorporate some serious cardio workout a minimum of 30 minutes in a day and create a variation of slow and fast workout to get the maximum benefit from it-so if you are jogging add a bit of sprinting in between a and if you are simply speed walking add a jog in between.

sweating for the wedding

2. Planks and more Pilates

Yes-the core of your body needs dual attention. It has to be the ‘focus’ of all attention in the strengthening of the core muscles whose role lies in effectively making rest of the body work out turn out better-so go for body twists and kick boxing or simple pilates to get the core strength at its peak-even ten minutes of this in your workout routine will help enormously.

sweating for the wedding

3. Chill out time routine.

Use an exer-cycle while watching your favorite show or spend some time on the treadmill at a gradual pace but holding 3 to 4 pounds in each arm as you swing them in a regular rhythm. This will not only double the calories lost but will ensure that your arms tone beautifully for that off shoulder wedding gown.

4.Squats and Push ups

There is no contesting the effectiveness of
these exercises that have withstood challenges from the new school of thought.
In fact it is quite well known that all swimmers, models and dancers who have a
great deal of body to show off do these right before their performance to get
their muscles into better shape-yes however do remember to do the usual warm up

5. The Breathing Exercise Routine

Yoga which is today considered one of the finest means to strengthen your body inside out will help you lose some of your stomach fat and help detox the system-it’s called pranayam. It simply requires the use of certain breathing technique which in turn will rejuvenate the oxygen bearing power of your lungs thus affect the progression of oxygen to the different organs-the more oxygen they are able to get greater the calorie burning effect.

Designate a lot of your time to some great times with your loved ones, at least seven hours of sleep, 2 sessions each of 45 minutes of exercise, and plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and 2-3 liters of water, and see a fitter you ready for the altar. 

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