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Wedding Jobs that you can’t DIY

Wedding Jobs that you can’t DIY

Could DIY Bartending Land you in Jail? Plus Three More Jobs to Leave to the Pros.

Think you can save money by pouring your own drinks at your wedding reception? Think again! Most venues have strict regulations on who is allowed to tend bar at their events – and for good reason. Almost every state in the United States requires that anyone serving alcohol at a major event obtains a license to do so, and failure to follow liquor regulations can result in fines… or even jail time! While there are plenty of jobs that you can do during your own wedding, here are three more jobs that are best left to the professionals. 

Wedding Jobs that you can’t DIY- wedding ideas

1. Photographer

Plenty of couples balk at the seemingly astronomical price of a good wedding photographer, but it is impossible for an amateur photographer to take the high-quality pictures of your wedding that you will treasure for a lifetime. You and your family/friends will be so busy during the wedding ceremony that a professional photographer will be a lifesaver – and the money you spend on photos won’t seem that bad when you are looking at them later on. 

Wedding Jobs that you can’t DIY- wedding ideas photographer

2. Catering

There is nothing more stressful than trying to simultaneously plan every other aspect of a wedding while worrying about preparing and serving food. Between the dietary restrictions of your guests and the logistics involved in serving dozens of people, acting as your own caterer is a ‘recipe’ for stress. Not only will you burn yourself out trying to cater your wedding, but you won’t save any money – as the investment in flatware and serving dishes make the cost-savings on food negligible. 

Wedding Jobs that you can’t DIY - wedding ideas catering

3. Wedding Planning

If you want a simple wedding at a venue that allows it, it might be possible to do all the planning for your wedding on your own. However, weddings more elaborate that a simple ceremony with close friends are difficult to orchestrate, and a wedding planner will take the brunt of the wedding-day stress out of the picture. Some venues require wedding planners, since they can turn a hectic situation into a well-orchestrated day of fun and rejoicing. 

Wedding Jobs that you can’t DIY - wedding ideas wedding planning

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