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5 Things You Need to Know About Planning Your Dream Wedding

5 Things You Need to Know About Planning Your Dream Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially if you don’t know these five must have truths of making your “I do” day the best it can possible be. 

#5: People are Invested Because They Care

One of the most annoying aspects of planning a wedding can be the bevy of ideas that the in laws share. It’s easy to think they share them because a) they are obviously trying to ruin your life or b) they are controlling minions of the underworld… but the truth is that their insistent help only comes because it helps them focus on the happy part of your wedding – not the fact that they are losing their baby to the love of his life. Be understanding… it will save you a lifetime of secretly loathing each other. 

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#4: Dream Weddings Don’t Happen Because the Budget Was Maxed

Sometimes we can’t have EVERYTHING we want but we can get pretty darn close if we can compromise on cheaper items on our list. In the end, your dream wedding will be the wedding you have… not the wedding you dream of. 

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#3: Your Groom Isn’t Trying to Be Indifferent... He’s Just Wired that Way

Unless God has gifted you with the straight version of Elton John, your fiancé probably won’t care what the napkins look like… and no it’s not because he doesn’t care. He wants you to be happy and that means picking what you want most times. He on the other hand is happy when you don’t obsess over him being more interested in the wedding planning of it all. 

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#2: Bridesmaids Who Buy Their Dresses Want to Love the Dress

Your bridal party knows it is YOUR wedding but if they are being ask to pay for their dresses it is logical that they want to feel beautiful in them. Consider choosing several dresses in your wedding shade and letting each bridesmaid pick the style that suits her best – and DO pick dresses in different price ranges so no one feels like they have to skip the mortgage payment to wear the one-shoulder pencil dress you insisted on. 

#1: This Only Happens Once... Enjoy It!

Trying to get this perfect because it’s just one time around is the least of your worries. The number one thing you need to know is that you need to ENJOY planning your wedding even on days it doesn’t all go your way. If you can’t afford everything you’ve been pining over remember you can always renew your vows and give yourself an excuse to do this all over again.

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