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Yoga for the Best Bridal Body

Yoga for the Best Bridal Body

Get one thing straight on darlings-if you look your best on your wedding day, you could either take the compliments pouring in tamely and coyly telling them about your genetic makeup or you could simply give it the spiritual healthy twist by suggesting that you are more the woman of the mind than what can fit into simply measurements. Get my drift? Health and beauty can be yours when you learn to bring the happiest marriage of the two into your life which comes in the form of yoga-the ultimate combination of the mindful body in tune with a deep consciousness of being. 

This is what yoga delivers and how!-trimmed waistline, a glowing skin, super flexibility and an exercise routine which dissolves the pre wedding stress like nothing can. 

My favorite six yogic poses which will help you bust those pre-nuptial blues are all about developing muscle strength and flexibility. 

1. The Quintessential Butterfly Pose

Sit down with your feet drawn in and the underside of your feet touching each other. Try to bring it closest to your body-draw them in. While you are doing so remember to breathe easily. 

Now bounce the knees up and down and feel the leg muscles loosen out. This works fabulously as warm up and even a cool down exercise after something more strenuous. You must sit upright and feel your bones on your back take the stretch. Feel the hip opening up. Hold the position for at least ten to fifteen counts and straighten your legs-you may repeat this till you feel eased out. 

yoga for the best bridal body- wedding ideas

2. The Bridge Pose

Quite simply the best yogic pose for the most fabulous butt and thighs. Lie down with your knees bent and your feet slightly wide at about the same width as your hips. Now bring your hands to rest by the side of your body and slowly raise your hips of the ground. Slowly, each vertebra at a time, go right up to your neck and hold this position for at least five counts. Now very slowly lower your back to the position. When you are more confident to do this better, interlock your arms under your body as you do the lifts. Remember never should you do this pose too fast and the cool down of bringing your knees close to your chest and breathing evenly is critical. 

yoga for the best bridal body- wedding ideas

3. The Child Pose

Perhaps even the easiest pose for the most skeptical and tremendously effective in getting your spine and neck relieved of all the stress of the wedding.
Simply sit down with your knees folded in and resting bring your big toes together. Now sit on the crook created between your feet and widen your knees as much as the hips. Sit straight and feel your spine relax and ease out. Now exhale right from the pit of your stomach outwards and as the breath leaves your body bend with your arms first and bend down between your knees. Hold this stretch for at least a minute. Loosen your shoulders-Feel the pain and the tensions leave your shoulders, neck and head. 

Come back to your old position slowly feeling each vertebra coming back to its upright position. 

4. The Chair Pose

My love if there was one supremely effective and yet simple exercise to get those thighs in shape and in alignment with what you are so dying to wear at the wedding bash-this should be your pick. 

Now take a deep breath and exhale and as you do so bend your knees so that they are almost parallel to your feet and are almost above them. Raise your arms high above your head almost perpendicular to your thighs. You would have to lean forward to maintain your balance for the 30 seconds to 1 minute which you need to hold. You will feel the quivering of your back and thigh muscles as you hold that position. Superb posture for back, neck and vertebrae-it works miracles for your thighs and calves as well. 

yoga for the best bridal body- wedding ideas

5. The Boat Pose

While most yoga poses would require a little bit of flexibility challenge, here’s one which should be rather simple. Lie face down on your yoga mat with arms stretched in front in complete alignment with your body. Now slowly lift the upper torso exhaling all the while and simultaneously lift both your legs off the ground. Try to lift your arms as far up towards the ceiling as you can. 

Feel the stretch all along the spine. The tightness of the back and the abdominal muscles happens in the gentlest possible way. Inhale as you come back to position. You may repeat this couple of times. 

It’s in the gentle cajoling movements of the body, affecting each sinew, through which the yoga poses help you build strength and infuses your body with the radiant glow of oxygenated blood. Give yourself this workout to feel refreshed and renewed before your nuptials. 

yoga for the best bridal body- wedding ideas

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